About PatientStyle 2

Feeling better means healing faster. For today’s patient, feeling better means being cared for by the best medical professionals and wearing apparel that increases their sense of comfort and dignity. At PatientStyle, we have revolutionized the hospital gown by creating hospital wear that provides patients with cutting-edge comfort and the dignity they deserve. For over 10 years, healthcare institutions across the country have been improving patient satisfaction with our innovative hospital wear by making patients feel comfortable and covered.

PatientStyle Gowns

With superior performance fabrics, innovative wrap-around designs, and easy access features essential for critical care, PatientStyle gowns are one-of-a-kind. Available in a tie or IV snap design, our gowns have an extra-large sweep, so the patient’s backside is never exposed! The overlapping panels eliminate the need for “double” gowning, and the unique wrap-around design wraps in the back and ties at the side so patients can dress themselves easily, freeing nurses to focus on clinical care. With our signature knit interlock fabric, our gowns feel like the cozy pajamas you wear at home.

PatientStyle does not stop at basic hospital gowns. We offer pediatric patient apparel, modesty gowns for religious observant communities, specialty nursing gowns, and wrap around mammography tops. All garments provide comfort and modesty and are offered in fun, stylish prints.


Women’s Wellness

PatientStyle offers women the comfort and confidence they deserve during a hospital stay or routine outpatient service. Multiple studies have shown that early detection is crucial to any successful breast cancer recovery or treatment, and the PatientStyle design helps eliminate many of the “emotional” excuses women may use to avoid annual exams or appointments. Our mammography top is made in our signature-soft fabric and promotes modesty with overlapping panels that tie on either side, making the top both patient and technician-friendly.

When the University of Pennsylvania needed a solution to accommodate their religious observant patients with hospital gowns that would provide them modesty and dignity without bringing in outside clothing, PatientStyle worked closely with the hospital to develop our signature modesty gown for women, a product that was missing in the marketplace. Available with a detachable hijab, the modesty gown provides religious observant patients with coverage and comfort, while still allowing nurses and doctors access to the patient.

We Are The Solution

PatientStyle can help medical institutions create a patient apparel program that is customized to their needs. We offer personalized design solutions with custom style features, prints and color choices, and embroidered logos or emblems in our signature-soft fabric. When medical institutions have specific needs, we work with them to find custom solutions.