Q: What are the benefits of using PatientSyle products?
For the patient, the gown is something tangible; comfort and care they can see and touch. The fabric we use for the gown is super soft, like pajamas they wear at home, and covers the entire patient – front and back.

Q: Do PatientStyle products increase patient satisfaction?
Yes. With HCAHPS surveys being so important in healthcare today, PatientStyle products are a significant product upgrade that helps improve the overall patient experience.

Q: Have hospitals used these items before?
Yes. PatientStyle products can be found in prestigious institutions and leaders of regional and rural medical organizations across the country.

Q: Would a patient need to wear two PatientStyle gowns, front and back?
No. They would be able to wear one gown with full coverage. In fact, we use an extra ½ yard of fabric to make sure there is full coverage on the backside.

Q: What are some attributes of the socks?
Our super soft socks are anti-microbial with non-slip bottom treads

PatientStyle Product Details

Q: Do PatientStyle products hold up in commercial laundry?
Yes, fabric achieved superior performance in over 100 washes in commercial laundry.

Q: Will there be any shrinkage with PatientStyle products?
You will see about 5% shrinkage.

Q: Does PatientStyle pediatric wear comply with flammability regulations?
Yes. All pediatric wear is compliant with government mandated flammability standards and is inherently flame resistant without the use of topical chemical treatments.

Q: What types of fabric are used for the gowns?
Adult gowns are made in our signature knit interlock fabric, which is 60% cotton/40% polyester. Pediatric gowns come in 100% micro polyester.